This research aims at an understanding of problems and crisis nowadays, which are greatly inspired by the comparison with the era of early twentieth century of Europe. Totalitarianism is one dominant issue of the time, on which the bulk analysis is expected to provide insight to modern China's nationalism. By interviewing students now abroad in Hong Kong, this research makes brief but detailed examination on their identifications in a shifted social context. It is found that "development" runs with and helps shaping nationalism while sometimes Communist Party of China is raised as a problem, preventing the nation identification intact. As it is attacked, it is possible to cause individual refusal and division from the community to protect one's own identity.

Recommended Citation

紀志帆 (2018)。當代中國民族主義考察 : 以在港內地留學生的認同情感為個案。文化研究@嶺南,62。檢自 http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol62/iss1/6/。