Siu Cheong LI


This paper studies the Kinder Chocolate Egg (Kinder Surprise, born in the year 1974; and Kinder Joy, born in the year 2011). Kinder Chocolate egg, as a fun food for children, has been welcomed by children for decades. One of its most attractive features is that there is a toy inside of the egg, which links food and play together. Yet, as contended by scholars, throughout the production of fun food and child food, it is also a construction of distinction between children and adults. In view of this, this paper makes an attempt to examine how the process of categorization happens in the case of Kinder Chocolate Egg. With the analytical tool of the circuit of culture (du Gay, Hall, Janes, Mackay, & Negus, 1997), by looking into the production, consumption, representation, identity and regulatory? components of Kinder Chocolate Egg, we shall see the food product’s articulation of shaping the children categorization.

Recommended Citation

Li, S. C. (2017). Food and fun for children : a circuit of culture study of Kinder Egg. Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 58. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol58/iss1/6/