Wan Qing TUNG


This paper aims to analyze how Content Farms have become a social phenomenon for online readers’ regular consumption and practices, and how they come to dominate the narrative styles in cyberspace. Hypotheses are, Content Farms rely on the algorithm and EdgeRank on Facebook to circulate. They also rely on users’ active participation in terms of likes and shares to maximize their exposure. In order to achieve more attraction, they express in ridiculously exaggerated form with overly use of exclamation marks, quotation marks and ellipses to create intensity of emotion, which would then translate to numbers of clicks for advertisement revenues. Platform and textual analysis will be studied on Teepr.com, which is now the 20th most searched website in Taiwan, from its form of narratives and how it maximizes the views by utilizing the social media affordance on Facebook.

Recommended Citation

Tung, W.-q. (2016). Have you get shocked today?! How content farms generate affective publics in cyberspace… Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 51. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol51/iss1/7/