It was reported that representatives from the consulates of 14 European countries met Hong Kong’s legislators on 3 and 4 June 2015, expressing their hopes that Hong Kong would pass the electoral reform package. The delegation included consuls from Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain. In spite of EU’s subsequent public note denying such lobbying, legislators who were present in those meetings did recall having felt such “between-­‐the-­‐line” efforts of persuasion. Wordings such as “why not accept the package as it is, now that everyone knows China won’t practice democracy?” or “democratic development should be a gradual process” were quoted to have been used by the delegates. The electoral reform package concerned means the reform bill that is proposed by the HKSAR Government on electing the Chief Executive (“CE”) by universal suffrage in 2017 and will be tabled at the Legislative Council on 17 June 2015 (“Reform Bill”).

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