Kam Ling MA


David Beckham is widely acclaimed as the best known pop culture icon. He is in fact a one-man media spectacle. His popularity is as significant as his football skills and achievement as a footballer. He is also a global celebrity, which combined his successfully constructed image, commodification and globalization. He is so popular that even part of the 12-week course on football culture module for a Degree course at Staffordshire University is also spared to study his phenomenon -- “Beckology”. No doubt, Beckham is a global celebrity across boundaries and cultures. In November 2003, he is voted as the greatest pop cultural icon by the VH1 (a popular music channel), which made him an integral part of the global popular culture. Apart from being a popular idol, he also becomes a national figure for England. His influence has already exceeded the Royal Family, the political leaders and even the limit of sport. He has influence over different parts of our lives. As he is so popular and become a leading force in our cultures and trends, it is interesting and important to examine this Beckology thus to enhance our understanding on this sport spectacle.

In this essay, I would try to examine this Beckham phenomenon from different perspectives and uncover the reasons for his super-stardom.

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MA, Kam Ling (2007) "Unfolding the sport spectacle of David Beckham," Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 5. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol5/iss1/2