Further on my class presentation ‘Cultural Construction of Bruce Lee on Mass Media’, I would like to review my psychological change on perceiving existing cultural imprint of Bruce Lee after the MCS course via this paper. First of all, I would examine my feel throughout getting in touch with Bruce’s material in the course and reference, followed by dissecting why I would think that way, inducing the feeling. It would be a ‘feel, and think why’ process. I believe that would give some answers or reference for the reason of popularity of Bruce among the 80’s, after four decades of his death. Besides, I would source out the hidden culture imprint of Bruce around my life on different objects and analyse the formulation and impact of them to the world, enhancing my class presentation. It is mainly covered with a Hong Kong band Chochukmo, Japanese Jazz Pianist Hiromi Uehara, a video work from my current company and virtual character copied from him. I would like to find out the new influence of Bruce in recent years not directed by him, but created by the existing cultural construction of him authored by different parties of various fields.

Recommended Citation

Lam, K.-y. J. (2015). Reflection on existing cultural imprint of Bruce Lee. Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 48. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol48/iss1/5/