In this essay, I want to explore the possibilities of how a contemporary community photography project in Hong Kong is being mediated in the context of photography education project, photo workshop, shooting day and exhibition. Besides, the sub-ordinate promotion comprising event and visual documentary is mediated under the contemporary information flowing mechanism as a popular culture.

The research questions include: How does the general public reflect on a community photo project based on their interests and a focus on photo images? What is their major concern in their community through their images? What kinds of visual possibilities are being explored through their self-engaging projects? How does the photo workshop influence their ways of seeing in their community? Is their political stand reflected in their images? Does this kind of community art (photo) project strengthen the liberal mind of the public? What should be done to improve the community art project as part of the local photo education?

The research is based on the structure and formation of this community photo project and how it is processed at this moment. Besides, one of the focal points is the relationship of the mediation among various parts of the event as a popular cultural formation.

Recommended Citation

MAK, Siu-fung Vincent (2013). Lumenvisum 18 x 24 community photography and the possibilities of photo education in Hong Kong. Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 36. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol36/iss1/7/