Wai Kwok WONG


This paper introduces and examines four cases in relation to the political image and perception of Donald Tsang covering different Internet platforms, namely YouTube, Facebook group, Wikipedia and blogs. The selection of these cases is attributed to the following reasons: First, these cases are symbolic and meaningful in light of reflecting upon and responding to political context critically. The presentation of such cases, regardless of proses, songs or cartoons, reveals critically the Tsang's administration and leadership, as reflected in the deployment of critical and abusive language in connection with the current political context. Additionally, some cases are focusing on the collective wisdom of netizens in creating and producing the songs and cartoons, in addition to writing proses, with the significant number of surfers visiting their sites. This shows that the people generally recognize and then share the meaning of their works. And finally, the use of the similar theme to create various forms of works demonstrating in different internet platforms, showing that the meaning and message conveyed are acknowledged, and then reproduced and disseminated subsequently and coincidentally, aiming to imprint and reinforce the definite political belief and perception.

Recommended Citation

WONG, Wai Kwok (2013). Interpreting political image of Donald Tsang in alternative media. Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 33. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol33/iss1/4/