The global crisis demands global answers; answers that cannot come from those who provoked, accepted or took advantage of its causes.

The world architecture built upon the ashes of the World War II is collapsing. The great foundations that granted America its hegemony, shared in part with all the other winners, 64 years later can no longer answer the necessities of a world undergoing dee p transformations of various kinds. Neither Bretton Woods (America's pillar in the economic-financial network in the IMF and the WB) nor the UN (political pillar in the Security Council) or the atom bomb (military pillar), which sealed the financial and political hegemony are acceptable any longer, and deep modifications must be considered.

The global crisis is also a global opportunity to reconsider the questions and give voice to new answers. If one of the determining elements of the crisis has been the carelessness of politicians towards their responsibilities based on the belief that markets would regulate the necessities of common good, it cannot be that these same politicians will now manage the deep modifications that must be undertaken.

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