From the very beginning of the millennium the call of the World Social Forum has gathered each year thousands of social organizations and movements of all kinds imaginable under the motto “Another world is possible!”. This way tens of thousands civil organizations gather in search of alternatives to the current world, to the current system, to the current way of life.

This need of Another World –better yet: of Other Worlds- is the certainty of the depletion of the hegemonic neoliberal system: if more than half of the world population is suffering of hunger and sickness this is due to the fact that the system is collapsed. It is urgent to look for alternatives.

The SOLIDARTITY ECONOMY movement in Latin America has been present in the World Social Forum with the proposal: “Another economy is possible!” In order to make another world possible it is necessary to start by changing the economical basis. We must change the whole economical system.

Recommended Citation

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