Terry SUN


“A Central Park for Hong Kong that is, like the one in New York.” as architect Colin Ward from Foster + Partners describes in a recent interview by Ming Pao of what his new vision and plan for the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), located near to the precious waterfront of Victoria harbour. Instead of building the world’s single largest and the most expensive canopy that was once proposed, selected, and eventually rejected some nine years ago, the company has returned and shifted its plan to develop a large urban park on the 40-hectare land in which it might be a possible resolution that could put the controversial project to an end. Ward stresses that the district will not become a so-called “Cultural Fortress” which limits cultural activities within the boundary of the district, and excludes neighbouring communities. According to Ward, the land will be transformed into a public park full of green plantation, mixed with clusters of facilities for arts and culture use. The WKCD will still be an art and cultural hub promoting “seamless integration” with the old district around the area. Headed by Chief Secretary for Administration, Henry Tang, the controversial WKCD project has recently come to a new stage of public consultation again, and hopefully a clearer picture will emerge early next year.

Recommended Citation

SUN, Terry (2010). The "nothingness" of the still imagined land of WKCD. Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 17. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol17/iss1/7/