CUS3219 2nd Semester 2019-20, Studies in the time of Coronavirus 嶺南大學同學修業於瘟疫蔓延時

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This video recorded how Lingnan University students studied in the time of Coronavirus in 2020.

From January to May 2020, during the time of the Coronavirus, the students taking the course CUS3219 Culture and Textual Politics offered by the Cultural Studies programme, Lingnan University, did more than attending real-time online classes, listening to lectures, reading novels and course materials, and preparing their exams. They had engaged in innovative projects supported by the instructors as part of their course assignments: some researched on medicinal herbs and local recipes for boosting the immune system, some took weekly classes on Eight Silken Movements and Shaolin Boxing from their homes, some gave details on DIY mask-making for the benefit of people in countries without masks, some documented daily life in Hong Kong with their cameras, and some did on-campus farming, tending to the fruits and blossoms among the hundred varieties of plants at the Lingnan Garden. These activities contributed to their reflections on individual aspirations and anxieties, and diverse social responses to the crisis.

The course was taught by Professor Lau Kin Chi, assisted by Ms Au Yeung Lai Seung, Dr Yan Xiaohui, Ms Jin Peiyun, and Mr Lee Kiu Chi. Lingnan Gardeners was partner in supporting the service learning component. The video was edited by Ms Au Yeung Lai Seung, and produced by Lingnan Gardeners, May 2020.

2020年1月到5月,正值瘟疫蔓延時,嶺南大學修讀文化研究系本科課程“CUS3219 文化與文本政治”的同學,除了網上實時聽課、閱讀小說文本、準備考試之外,還自選有創意的作業,包括收集和編輯防疫中藥和健康湯水食譜、每週在家參加老師線上教授的八段錦和少林拳、介紹缺口罩的國家民眾可以怎麼製作口罩,用照相機記錄香港疫情下的生活,更有同學在嶺南校園照顧春意盎然時過百種植物的花果,享受耕種樂趣。同學藉此疏導鬱悶不安的情緒,做有益心身的活動,反思疫情彰顯的人間世態和個人修養。

CUS3219 文化與文本政治的課程導師是劉健芝教授,並由歐陽麗嫦女士、嚴曉輝博士、靳培雲女士、李翹志先生協助,嶺南彩園支援服務研習活動。視頻由歐陽麗嫦女士剪接、嶺南彩園於2020年5月,嶺。

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