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This booklet is derived from the records of Trustees of Lingnan University, the earliest publication found under Reel 40 composed mainly of materials related to Publicity and Promotion Through 1937.

The record documented the full paper that Rev. B. C. Henry presented to the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, USA in January 1885, about the possibility to establish a Christian College at Canton, as well as to solicit the cooperation and contribution of friends of Christian Education in China in the founding of such College.

The record also documented another letter by Rev. A. P. Happer D. D. addressed to the Board of Foreign Missions asking its endorsement of a scheme to raise a fund for the carrying on and endowing a Christian College in China, which was later conditionally sanctioned in the Board meeting dated 7th December 1885. Rev. Happer secured subscriptions to the amount of $25,000. The Board of Trustees for the Christina College in China was established on 30th April 1886 upon Rev. Happer secured funding at $25,000, and he was elected as its Secretary and Treasurer.

The report and letter by Rev. B. C Henry and Rev. Andrew Happer respectively were two important pieces of information, documenting the facts about the founding of Christian College in China., the earliest predecessor of Lingnan University.

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[Trustees of Christian College in China]

The projection of the Christian College in China located at Canton : including a review, its present status and prospects