Guidelines for Submissions

1. Manuscripts should be written in English and submitted via emails to chr@LN.edu.hk. The editorial office will issue a notice of review within 30 days. However, in the case of no reply within 30 days after submission, the paper is automatically rejected, and no further explanation will be given.

2. Submissions should be original, hitherto unpublished, and not being considered for publication elsewhere. Once a submission is accepted, its copyright is transferred to the publisher.

3. JMLC adopts Chicago’s Author-Date System. Authors are advised to consult The Chicago Manual of Style for proper formats.

4. Chinese names and book titles in the text should be romanized according to the “modified” Wade- Giles or the pinyin system, and then, where they first appear, followed immediately by the Chinese characters and translations. Translations of Chinese terms obvious to the readers (like wenxue), however, are not necessary.

5. Care should be taken by authors to avoid identifying themselves on the first page, in the top or bottom margins, or in footnotes. A separate cover page with the title of the article, the name of the author and his/her institutional affiliation should be provided.

6. Final versions of articles are to be submitted in a soft copy and sent to chr@LN.edu.hk.

7. Book reviews should follow the same format as that for submitted articles: they should be typed and double-spaced, giving at the outset the full citation for the work reviewed, plus information about special features (like appendices and illustrations) and prices. Unsolicited book reviews are as a rule not accepted.

8. Besides original articles and book reviews, review articles related to the evaluation or interpretation of a major substantive or methodological issue may also be submitted.

9. Contributors of articles will receive two complimentary copies of the journal; these must be shared in the case of joint authorship.

10. In all questionable cases, authors are advised to consult recent issues of the journal or direct enquiries to the Editor.
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