Lingnan University (LU) conferred Honorary Fellowships upon four distinguished individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their professions and their valuable contributions to the society.

The Honorary Fellowship recipients are Hong Kong-based Teochew entrepreneur Mr Chan Wai-nam, BBS (陳偉南先生), legal expert Mr Simon Ip Shing-hing (葉成慶先生), philanthropist Ms Christina Maisenne Lee (李美辰女士), and advocate for disability inclusion Mr Nelson Yip Siu-hong, MH (葉少康先生).

Honorary Fellows

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Mr CHAN Wai-nam, BBS 陳偉南先生, BBS

Mr Simon IP Shing-hing 葉成慶先生

Ms Christina Maisenne LEE 李美辰女士

Mr Nelson YIP Siu-hong, MH 葉少康先生, MH