Doctor of Social Sciences, honoris causa 榮譽社會科學博士

Year of Award



Regarded as a problem-solving expert of the Chinese banking system, Prof Liu Mingkang was repeatedly assigned to deal with major issues in times of trouble. In 1999 Prof Liu was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Everbright Group to manage the restructuring of the group’s finance and to enhance internal risk management in investment. In 2000, Prof Liu assumed the office of president of the Bank of China, where he carried out a series of bold reforms to wipe out long-standing malpractices. During the SARS outbreak in Beijing in 2003, Prof Liu stepped in again to be the first chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission to regulate China’s banking industry, which was then considered “technically bankrupt”. Pushing forward a comprehensive reform of the state-owned banking sector, he managed to strike a balance between innovation and regulation and built a regulatory system with Chinese characteristics. Prof Liu was conferred the degree of Doctor of Social Sciences honoris causa.



Prof Liu Mingkang 劉明康教授