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05 (2003)


The HOPE worldwide 1 (HWW) in Hong Kong has been chartered as a charity organization since 1993 with its focus on organizing service programmes in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Amongst these, the Hope for Seniors Day is one of the many attempts initiated by the HWW to meet the urgent needs of the growing ageing population in Hong Kong. Starting from 1996, volunteers from corporations and social organizations have been recruited for the Hope for Seniors Day on an annual basis. The programme aims at giving practical assistance to elderly people who are living alone in public housing estates, as well as building up relationship between the volunteers and the elderly. The volunteers help clean and repaint the seniors' homes. In the past 7 years, the programme has already served over 37,000 single elderly people and mobilized more than 15,000 volunteers to participate.

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APIAS Monograph Paper Series No.05 (2003)

The project was funded by HOPE worldwide.

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Chan, C. M. A., Fong, M. S. F., & Ng, S. P. E. (2003). A report on an evaluation of the HOPE, worldwide seniors day 2003 (APIAS Monograph Paper Series No.5). Retrieved from Lingnan University website:

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