Cultural criticism : cross-writing and the question of language

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Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lingnan University

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Public Seminar




5:30 p.m. -- 7:30 p.m.


Foyer, 1/F, Lingnan University Library


Professor Lee is going to explore the ways in which one language is embedded, consciously or not, in the writing of another in our generation of bilingual writers--in this case, Chinese and English. Also, he would like to explore the possibilities of "cross-writing" writing in essay form: how the very form within its generatic conventions in each language can limit or extend its reach to a public audience. Hence the implications of public criticism. He will, in this talk, concentrate on a few texts of his choice, even of his own writing, as examples. By way of comparison, he will compare this with Ha Jin's English style in his fiction. If there is more time, he will then explore the issue of "translation", not in the conventional sense but as a form of "writing across" two cultures.



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Cultural Magazine, 2003-04, 1st semester, chapter 3


Leo Ou-fan Lee is currently Y. K. Pao Distinguished Visiting Professor, Division of Humanities, HKUST, and Professor of Chinese Literature, Harvard University . He is the author of "Shanghai Modern" and other works on modern Chinese literature and culture in both English and Chinese.

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Lee, O. F. L. (2003, November 27). Cultural criticism: Cross-writing and the question of language. [Video podcast]. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/videos/214