Entering a new era of ageing : an active ageing framework

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Proceedings of CADENZA Symposium 2007 : preparing for an elder friendly Hong Kong = 流金頌2007研討會論文集 : 共創長者更美好明天

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Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU


In asking what sort of life people want over a life span, most would say that they want to enjoy life as much as they can. But if they have one or more chronic diseases, especially those coupled with pain, they would rather die quickly. With longevity now a part of reality, we live happily too short, but die too long. The essence of active ageing ironically is what almost everyone wants in life, but rarely anyone practices in modern living. Perhaps this is what I feel about innovative and “creative” programmes promoting active ageing.

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Chan, C. M. A. (2007). Entering a new era of ageing: An active ageing framework. Proceedings of CADENZA symposium 2007: Preparing for an elder friendly Hong Kong = 流金頌2007研討會論文集: 共創長者更美好明天 (pp. 41-45). Hong Kong: Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU.

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