A mental cognitive model of web semantic for e-customer profile

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Proceedings - International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


Algorithm design and analysis, Computer architecture, Information systems, Internet, Quality of service, System software, Web page design, Web pages, Web server, Web sites


e-Business is competing in the new era of e-market. We need an infrastructure that could provide insight information to enable maximum and constant learning that lead to a responsive Web site. To keep the Web site in business on-line, we need sufficient on-line traffic on the e-Business Web site. This result of an urgent need to investigate the keys to satisfy and stimuli e-customers by providing customer-effective Web sites that delivered business focused e-services. The primary need is to produces a view of the behavior of the e-business system and its e-customers. Successful e-Business aim to provide customers with optimal on-line experience in e-business Web site that supports effective customer relationship from customer awareness, through exploration to purchase commitment. This paper focuses on modeling e-customer behavior by developing a Mental Cognitive (MC) Model for identifying the Web site semantics via the activities exercised by its e-customers. Our proposed MC Model also supports quantitative measure to abstract more rigorously the behavior of e-customers in support of Internet marketing.



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Paper presented at the 13th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2002), Sep 02-06, 2002, Aix Provence, France.

ISBN of the source publication: 0769516688

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