Engaging student teachers in peer learning via a blended learning environment

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Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology

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Informing Science Institute


blended learning, cooperative learning, information technology, online learning, peer learning, pedagogy, student teachers


Teacher education, which encompasses teaching, teaching effectiveness, the factors that determine teachers' thought processes and performances, and the social policies that affect teachers in all aspects and stages of their careers, is the fundamental groundwork and primary foundation, for attempting to undertake various innovative and model learning and teaching approaches. However, a number of studies have indicated that teacher education does not adequately prepare teachers to teach with technology. In light of this paradoxical situation, the author attempted to integrate content, pedagogy and technology when teaching her post-graduate student teachers. In addition, technology was used to foster peer learning, so that participants could learn through a holistic approach in an experiential environment, rather than using technology as an add-on tool. An institutional standard questionnaire and a focus group meeting were conducted as part of this study, to gather feedback from the participants in the study, on the new learning approach, and the grades that these student teachers obtained for their individual work and group project were analyzed. It was found that the participants embraced both a peer and blended learning approach, and yet the grades that they obtained for their group projects were not superior to the grades on their individual assignments.



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Ng, E. M. W. (2008). Engaging student teachers in peer learning via a blended learning environment. Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology, 5, 325-334. doi: 10.28945/1013