Breaking the silo : integrated science education in India

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s the entrenched division between the natural and human sciences unbridgeable? Is this divide crippling innovation in science or is it necessary to keep science pure? Between 2006-14, an experiment was conducted in what came to be known as Integrated Science Education in several science institutions. It was initially driven by a variety of commonly-held assumptions for why science pedagogy needed interdisciplinary methids taken from the humanities - from those that argued for reality to be made complex, to those advocating local knowledge-systems and those asking scientists to become better citizens, better planners and administrators. Breaking the Silo compiles the experiments in pedagogy conducted by people from various disciplines in both the humanities and the sciences, all seeking to throw new light on the 'two cultures' theory that has beset India's science institutions.



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Dhar, A., Niranjana, T. & Sridhar, K. (Eds.). (2017). Breaking the silo: Integrated science education in India. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan Private Limited.

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