日常生活中的日本假期? 日劇《長假》的在地(香港)消費

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Japanese holiday in daily life? Local (Hong Kong) consumption of Long vacation

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Book chapter

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日本流行文化在台灣與亞洲 (1) = Japanese Popular Culture in Taiwan and Asia (1)

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全球化, 日本電視劇, 觀眾研究, 香港觀看社群, 浪漫, 盜版, globalisation, Japanese TV dramas, audience studies, Hong Kong viewing community, romance, piracy.




Japanese TV dramas have long been on the TV screen in Hong Kong, but the latest wave of Japanese dramas caused an unprecedented wave of popularity. They have created a new cultural phenomenon that spread not only to Hong Kong, but also cross different Asian cultures, such as Taiwan, Korea.The phenomenon even sparked off a discussion on 'The Asianiazation of Japan'. The school of cultural imperialists would deem this as a typical case of cultural invasion, but recent research into the audience has concerned more about the ability and the power of the local audience to interpret and adapt the different 'polysemic elements', which may altogether detach from the prescribed messages. This paper examines how Hong Kong audience fares in their adaption of the Japanese dramas into their everyday life. Using dramas such as Long Vacation and Beach Boys as case studies for sexual analysis as well as audience study, this paper will explore how Hong Kong audience will adopt the notion about 'vacation' in the dramas as a respire for their mundane and routine daily life.

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梁旭明 (著)、邱誌勇、陳佳瑜 (譯) (2002)。日常生活中的日本假期? 日劇《長假》的在地(香港)消費。輯於李天鐸 (主編),《日本流行文化在台灣與亞洲 (1)》(頁68-87)。台北 : 遠流出版事業股有限公司。

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