Under the shadow of China : Beijing's policy towards Hong Kong and Taiwan in comparative perspective

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China Perspectives

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Francais sur la Chine Contemporaine China


This article puts Hong Kong and Taiwan in comparative perspective, with the aim of examining the effect of China’s growing centripetal political influence on both territories. Despite considerable differences in their social and political history, Hong Kong and Taiwan have become increasingly similar over the past decade both in the way China seeks to exert political power on their domestic politics through playing the economic card, and in the way resistance against China’s looming advance is shaped. This article reviews the arguments that compare the two territories. The first section looks at how both Taiwan’s CSSTA/ECFA and Hong Kong’s CEPA serve as tools of China’s economic united front strategies. The second section highlights the convergence of Beijing’s attitude towards Hong Kong and Taiwan as suggested by recent policy announcement. The third focuses on the political repercussions and how civil societies in both territories respond to Beijing’s advances. As a result of China’s converging policies towards the two territories, we are seeing more frequent exchanges between Hong Kong and Taiwan in recent years, and can expect to see more collaboration in the near future.

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