Some reflections on the housing question

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Housing and social change : East-West perspectives

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This introductory chapter aims to provide a backcloth to the various discussions which follow. In particular it will explore key aspects of the current housing question in relation to processes of globalization, demographic change, rising social inequalities and new social divisions associated with wealth accumulation via home-ownership. The housing literature continues to have a strong bias towards experiences in western Europe and North America. For this reason, and consistent with the strong East/West theme of the book, the emphasis in this chapter will be on aspects of social transformation and housing provision in Asia, particularly South and East Asia. Throughout, however, appropriate reference will be made to current developments and debates in the West. The concluding section will reflect on the extent to which, from an international perspective, the housing question has been transformed over the last century.

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Forrest, R. (2003). Some reflections on the housing question. In R. Forrest & J. Lee (Eds.), Housing and social change: East-West perspectives (pp. 1-19). United Kingdom: Routledge.

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