The will to make-believe : religious fictionalism, religious beliefs, and the value of art

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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

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Advance online publication


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I explore some of the reasons why, under specific circumstances, it may be rational to make-believe or imagine certain religious beliefs. Adopting a jargon familiar to certain contemporary philosophers, my main concern here is to assess what reasons can be given for adopting a fictionalist stance towards some religious beliefs. My understanding of fictionalism does not involve solely a propositional attitude but a broader stance, which may include certain acts of pretence. I also argue that a plausible reason to be fictionalist about a specific set of religious beliefs and practices has to do with the value of some artistic creations; namely, those that require the adoption of a religious point of view for their understanding.



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Sauchelli, A. (2016). The will to make-believe: Religious fictionalism, religious beliefs, and the value of art. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1111/phpr.12328