Taipei as Shinjuku's other

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Cinema at the city's edge : film and urban networks in East Asia

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Hong Kong University Press


Mukokuseki, Gangster Films, Yakuza Genre, Taipei, Taiwan New Cinema, Japanese Cinema


Mukokuseki (literally, “nation-less”), is the practice of crossing, hybridization, and co-production. This chapter focuses on the concept of mukokuseki in the spatial imagination of Japanese gangster films or the yakuza genre, with a focus on the representation of Taipei. It consists of three parts: mukokuseki as a mode of production and urban representation; Taipei as an ambivalent site for mukokuseki ventures; and finally, Taiwan New Cinema scenes as desirable locations/edges for the stylistic reorientation of contemporary Japanese cinema.



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Yeh, E. Y.-y. (2010). Taipei as Shinjuku's other. In Y. Braester & J. Tweedie (Eds.), Cinema at the city's edge: Film and urban networks in East Asia (pp. 55-67). Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. doi: 10.5790/hongkong/9789622099845.003.0004