Poverty in Hong Kong

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Journal article

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The China Review

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Fall 2015





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Chinese University Press


There is increasing concern that poverty has reached an unacceptable level in Hong Kong. This article presents findings from the most current and comprehensive study of poverty and social exclusion. It reveals that the Hong Kong public accepts that a minimum standard of living should incorporate not only basic needs but also opportunities for participation in customary activities. Disturbingly, it shows that deprivation and poverty are widespread in Hong Kong, with many people unable to afford customary items and activities. The article presents evidence on how a combined low income and deprivation poverty measure complements the official poverty line to illuminate the complex social reality of poverty in Hong Kong.

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Also published in M. K. W. Lau & D. Gordon (Eds.) (2017), Poverty in a rich society: The case of Hong Kong (pp. 21-56). Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.

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Lau, M., Pantazis, C., Gordon, D., Lai, L., & Sutton, E. (2015). Poverty in Hong Kong. The China Review, 15(2), 23-58. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/43710025