梁實秋翻譯思想研究 = A study on Liang Shih-Ch'iu's translation thoughts

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梁實秋, 翻譯思想, 翻譯態度, 翻譯功用, 翻譯目的, 翻譯標準, Liang Shih-Ch'iu, translation thoughts, attitude, function, purpose, criterion



Liang Shih-Ch'iu is not only a famous littérateur and lexicographer but also a prominent translator. He has published a considerable number of translations and quite a few articles on translation. This paper investigates Liang's views on translation attitude, function, purpose and criteria through analyzing Liang's works on translation as well as his debate with Lu Xun. It is hoped that this study may help us get an overall understanding of Liang's translation thoughts. Liang holds that, in terms of attitude, a translator should be serious and responsible, and he strongly opposes translations produced in a rough and slipshod way; the purpose of translation is to "introduce" the original text to the readers faithfully. In terms of translation criterion, Liang holds that translation should be faithful, fluent and vivid, and the central issue is that it should be faithful to the original text; that is, the translator should transmit the original flavor to the readers. We can see that Liang does not take "ya" (elegance) as a standard, but emphasizes "faithfulness"--whether the translations should be elegant or not will completely depend on the original text.

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白立平 (2007)。梁實秋翻譯思想研究 = A study on Liang Shih-Ch'iu's translation thoughts。《淡江人文社會學刊 = Tamkang Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences》,(32),1-31。