Genealogies of the Asian present : situating inter-Asia cultural studies

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Edited book

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Orient Blackswan


Genealogies of the Asian Present showcases the conceptual framework of the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) project by consolidating insights from past thinkers, marking the continuity of concerns and their relationship to critical modern knowledge, and creating the pre-conditions for research in Inter-Asia cultural matters. There is also an archive section in the volume which contains foundational texts from specific national contexts. The contemporary essays which demonstrate new ways of asking the culture question from a number of different Asian locations are presented in six sections. With its focus on methodology, this unique volume covers China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.



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ISBN of the source publication: 9788125058540

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Niranjana, T., Wang, X., & Vasudevan, N. (Eds.) (2015). Genealogies of the Asian present: Situating inter-Asia cultural studies. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan.

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