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23rd Annual International Association of Conflict Management Conference

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Conflict and trust have typically been considered if not opposites at least incompatible. However, recent studies have suggested that managing conflict cooperatively can strengthen trust. This paper argues that this research helps us understand and appreciate trust’s critical role and how it can be fostered. The paper defines trust as expectations that another will promote one’s goals. Trust is critical for strengthening perceived cooperative goals and mutually beneficial interaction. Partners can develop their trust as they deal with the many conflicts they confront in groups, organizations, and alliances. Partners, even when they are from diverse cultures, can use managing conflict cooperatively knowledge to form a common platform to guide their collaboration to promote their trust and productivity.



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Tjosvold, D, & Chen, Y. (June 2010). Conflict and trust: Partners in developing organizations. Paper presented in IACM 23rd Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts.