Dyadic relationship harmony in work groups

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The 28th International Congress of Psychology

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Chinese Psychological Society


Relationship harmony has long been valued in traditional Chinese culture. Previous research indicated that relationship harmony is related to an individual's personality like independent/ interdependent self-construal (e.g., Li, Kwan, & Bond, 1999). We further proposed to study relationship harmony at the dyadic level so to understand it as a construct of the relationship per se. Partners in work groups assessed the level of relationship harmony with each of the members. Individual scores were aggregated to give a dyadic-level relationship harmony index. Personality correlates to this index would be assessed, and the possible influence of group culture would also be examined.

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Lun, V. & Bond, M. (2004, August). Dyadic relationship harmony in work groups. Paper presented at the 28th International Congress of Psychology, Beijing, China.

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