Making poetry with alcohol : wine consumption in Tao Qian, Li Bai and Su Shi

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Scribes of gastronomy: representations of food and drink in Imperial Chinese literature

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Hong Kong University Press


Wine poetry, Su Shi, Tao Qian, Li Bai, Food literature, Culture, China


Noting the importance of wine as an ancient poetic motif in China's literary tradition, this chapter examines the significance of wine eulogy in the poetic works of Tao Qian, Li Bai, and Su Shi and demonstrates how certain aspects of wine, such as being social catalyst and emotional intensifier and anesthetic, has largely remained constant, while other aspects transformed with a keener sense of individuality and the enlightening experiences of philosophy and art.



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ISBN of the source publication: 9789888139989

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Kwong, Y. T. C. (2013). Making poetry with alcohol: Wine consumption in tao qian, li bai and su shi. In Isaac Yue, & Siu-fu Tang (Eds.), Scribes of gastronomy: Representations of food and drink in imperial chinese literature (pp. 45-67). Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. doi: 10.5790/hongkong/9789888139972.003.0006