Why advocate pancritical rationalism?

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Rethinking Popper

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This paper provides a rationale for advocating pancritical rationalism. First, it argues that the advocate of critical rationalism may accept (but not be internally justified in accepting) that there is ‘justification’ in an externalist sense, specifically that certain procedures can track truth, and suggest that this recognition should inform practice; that one should try to determine which sources and methods are appropriate for various aspects of inquiry, and to what extent they are. Second, it argues that if there is external justification, then a critical rationalist is better off than a dogmatist from an evolutionary perspective.



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Rowbottom, D. P., & Bueno, O. (2009). Why advocate pancritical rationalism? In Z. Parusniková & R. S. Cohen, Rethinking Popper (pp. 81-89). Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4020-9338-8_7