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Educational development in the context of industrialization, marketization and social pluralization : challenges for migrant workers' children in China

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教育政策論壇 = Educational Policy Forum

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工業化, 市場化, 社會多元化, 教育問題, 農民工子女, children of rural migrants, educational challenges, industrialization, marketization, social pluralization



During the course of industrialization, marketization and social pluralization in China, the population of rural migrants working in urban areas has increased sharply along with the transformation of Chinese rural industrial structure. This paper sets against this wider policy context to examine critical educational challenges confronting peasant workers’ children, with particular reference to their personal characters as a new social group and their specific policy needs. Based on the results from a large-scale questionnaire survey on rural migrant workers conducted in seven cities in China, we provided a descriptive analysis on socio-economic status of rural migrants and educational conditions of their children. Acknowledging the gap between relevant policies and needs of policy target groups, we developed an empirical study (through an Ordered Probit Regression Model) over factors which might influence educational choices of rural migrants. The results show that: demographic attribution, occupation, incomes and migration patterns etc. would significantly affect rural migrants’ educational choices for their children. It therefore reveals that rural migrant workers are not simply passive policy recipients; when making educational choices for their children, they consider a series of factors, including educational policies, future planning, affordability, community inclusion and stage of education; moreover, the education plight of rural migrants’ children has clearly reflected their inferior social status vis-à-vis those urban ‘citizens’ due to the legacy of Chinese rural-urban duality. Thus it is suggested that during the educational policy making process, impact factors and policy needs of rural migrants should be taken into account.


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莫家豪、郭瑜 (2011)。中國工業化、市場化及社會多元化下農民工子女教育問題探索 = Educational development in the context of industrialization, marketization and social pluralization: Challenges for migrant workers' children in China。《教育政策論壇》,14(3),97-118。

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