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私立嶺南大學理工學院化學系學生李毓宏 (學號: 39318) 的成績簿。

成績簿主要由封面及成績內頁以騎馬釘方法釘裝對摺而成,內頁另附有「學生注意」及「System of Marking」的詳細說明。

成績內頁詳列李毓宏學長由1939-40 第一學期至1940-41第二學期,共4個學期的分科成績。除主修科化學科外,李學長同時有修讀國文、英文、數學、物理、生物、體育、政治學及軍訓。

Student Work Book was used to record the academic results of Lee Yuk Wan, student of Lingnan University majoring in Chemistry (Record Number 39318) obtained at 4 separate semesters during 1939-40 to 1940-41.

Information of "TO THE STUDENT" and SYSTEM OF MARKING" are available inside the book for reference.

Apart from Chemistry, Mr. Lee would also study Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, P.E., Government Studies, and Military Training.

LeeYW_StudentBooklet_Combined_reduced.pdf (731 kB)
學生成績簿原件複印檔 Digitized copy of full Student Work